Triple-Port 1394b PCI OHCI Adapter Card

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The FW-32x-PCI-400 is a single node 1394 OHCI host adapter with a 32-bit, 33 MHz PCI host bus interface. Each of the three Beta ports connect to the 1394 network through a 9-pin bilingual connectors to allow legacy Beta 6-pin systems to connect using 9-pin to 6-pin cables. The bilingual connector also supports 9-pin to 9-pin Beta cables.

The FW-32x-PCI-400 provides Flight Control, Vehicle Management Systems, Mission Systems or Avionics simulation applications within a single channel, SWAP-optimized solution.


  • Single OHCI IEEE-1394 Beta node
  • IEEE-1394-2008 compliant
  • Three Beta only ports per node supporting:
    • S100β (122.88Mb/s)
    • S200β (245.76Mb/s)
    • S400β (491.52Mb/s)
  • Configurable maximum connection speeds of:
    • S100β
    • S200β
    • S400β
  • Three IEEE-1394 Bilingual Connectors
  • Texas Instruments TSB12LV26 OHCI Link Layer Controller and
  • TSB41BA3 PHY
  • 32-Bit, 33 MHz PCI support