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System Engineering

Aventas’ primary goal is to provide hardware solutions to customers with the most demanding requirements. Those requirements may range from a benign lab environment where low phase noise frequencies are critical for metrology purposes, to fully redundant NEBS servers for telecom markets or even ruggedized military systems. Our staff consists of engineers and technical sales people that have experience with a broad range of mission critical computing needs. Whether you need a turnkey, real time system, or COTS components to complete your own system, we’re here to help you.

Full Service Sales

We will always generate quotes as quickly as possible, once a hardware requirement is identified. After receipt of your order, we insure that the order is quickly entered and will assist your purchasing department in being efficient along the way. We’re always happy to give you order status or expedite your order should your need be time critical. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll promptly get the information you need.

Customer Support

Our commitment to our customers does not stop after the sale is made. Our knowledgeable sales engineers can assist you with your questions after you’ve received your equipment. We can provide installation services, advice on how to best install or configure your equipment for your application, and numerous other levels of assistance depending on your needs. Should a more in depth issue arise, we have established close relationships with individuals inside of our vendors and can quickly put you in touch with someone that can help directly, without having to deal with multiple layers of support people.

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