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Our history

Aventas was founded in 2002 and proudly serves several markets including Military, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Industrial, Test, Utilities, and Oil and Gas. We are able to specialize by dividing territories into different markets, rather than a more traditional geographical territory. This allows you to have a focused and knowledgeable representative, that’s familiar with whatever your application happens to be.

Our vision

Aventas is dedicated to providing the best possible products for the most demanding needs. We constantly research, identify, and locate the highest quality manufacturers in the industry so you don’t have to. Whether you’re an IT professional trying to provide network timing to your network, or designing a RF receiver system to be used in hostile territory, we have a solution.

Brent Kaster, Founder and President

Brent Kaster earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1994. As a young engineer, he specialized in automation equipment design and developed a laser guided fuselage assembly system for the C-17 program. In 1999, Brent moved on to become Sales Engineer for then startup computer aided design (CAD) software company, Alibre. Here he found that blending sales and engineering was a way for him to thrive professionally. Brent made the transition into the Embedded Computing space by becoming the Regional Sales Manager for I-Bus Phoenix, an industrial PC company, and quickly recognized the need for a rep firm in the south-central region. Brent formed Aventas in 2002 to provide the best embedded and telemetry products available today.

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