System Portable Test & Telemetry Unit – AL6700

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The AL6700 Portable Test & Telemetry Unit leverages our 25+ years of experience in the aerospace, test, and telemetry communities. We have integrated into the unit’s sleek and durable design some of the most popular functionality from our Tester, Data Transport, and Signal Interface Products, making the AL6700 suitable for a wide range of applications. In developing the AL6700, our designers and engineers set out and achieved one mission – To design an ADEPT product, an Adaptable, Durable, Easy to use, and Portable Test/Telemetry unit.


  • Portability & Durability
  • Ethernet Remote Control
  • Intuitive GUI
  • User Configurable
  • External Battery Pack
  • Protective Front Panel Cover
  • FireBerd 6000 Replacement
  • Optional Rack Mount