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The AL6301 Data Transmission Test Set is a modular device that is designed to support the performance of bit error rate testing (BERT) on data links and devices such as PCM bit synchronizers and modems. Having been designed as a totally modular device based upon Apogee Labs multiplexer product line, the AL6301 supports the inclusion of several Data Link Test modules (up to 6) as well as our full line of AL4300 multiplex, demultiplex and data link modules.

• Compatible with APEX Remote Control Software
• 17 Module Slots
• 105-230 VAC 47-63 MHz Power Input
• Typically Less Than 15 lbs
• 0° to 40° Operating, Sea Level to 15,000 ft
• 19” Rack Mountable
• Bright LED Display Provides Wide Viewing Angle
• RS-232 (AL6300) or Ethernet Remote Control (AL6301)
• Supports TTL, RS-422, RS-232 and BiPolar Interfaces for Inputs and Outputs
• Built in Synchronizer Option
• Viterbi Encoder / Decoder (option)
• Multichannel Option