Test Platform (AL6601)

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The AL6601 TEST PLATFORM combines a general purpose bit error transmitter & receiver function with a modulator and microwave transmitter, as well as a recorder in one compact unit. The microwave signal can be used to verify complete RF link operation by injecting a signal directly at the receive site’s antenna or at the receiver input. Passing the signal thru a receiver, demodulator and bit sync, the recovered data and clock are fed back into the AL6601’s receiver inputs for measurement and recording.

There are six available slots in the AL6601 chassis for application modules. All of the modules supported in Apogee Labs’ AL2073 and AL2873 products are compatible with this unit. Consult the factory for your unique application requirements.


  • RF Transmit / Receive Options
  • Bit Error Rate tester
  • Bit Sync
  • PCM Simulation
  • Data Record Capability
  • Modular, Scalable Architecture
  • Rugged, Compact Unit
  • Compatible with series AL2073/AL2873 interface modules