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The AL6500 Data Link Test Instrument (DLTI) continues the tradition of our previous Apogee Labs data link testequipment in providing exceptional flexibility, versatility and reliability. All features of our earlier Data Link Test Sets are continued in the AL6500 with the addition of one-way data link path delay measurement and interchangeable
signal and protocol interfaces. Data link path delay may be measured in a single direction or roundtrip path using a GPS timing source input to the DLTI. In round trip mode only, using an injected error bit methodology,the path delay is measured without the need for an external timing source.

The AL6500 DLTI is used by communication and telemetry engineers to test data links and system components such as bit synchronizers, modems and digital multiplexers to determine data handling integrity. In addition to standard Pseudo Random Number (PRN) data patterns, the AL6500 provides the user with simulated Time Division Multiplexed (TDM) Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) data to test complete systems from a receiver output or data source to the digital processor in a ground station. Bit rates aregenerated up to 35 Mbps, with data patterns
up to 8 Megabits in length and output serial data coded as NRZ, Bi-phase or RNRZ for testing most data links.
The use of optional modules, which are installable in the field, permit mixing the test data stream with noise and
other perturbations to emulate real-world data sources.

• Portable AC powered unit
• Touch-Screen and Key-Pad Front Panel
• Modular system that allows for easy customizing for your application
• Four expansion slots for addition modules such as a Bit Synch, Noise, Mix, Interfaces, etc.
• Ethernet interface for remote control or test report access
• Full suite of test data patterns including PRN and TDM
• 100 bps to 35Mbps
• One-way and Loop-Back Link Testing-BER and Link Path Delay