9-Channel Bus and Node Monitoring Test Set

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Designed for Electromagnetic Environmental Effects testing, the rugged IEEE-1394/MIL1394 9-Channel Bus and Node Monitoring test set (Part Number: FW-VTSRT-9CH-1394B) monitors up to nine independent IEEE-1394-2008 Beta buses for bus resets and number of nodes present on the bus.

The 9-CH test set monitors up to nine (9) 1394 buses for bus resets and the resulting number of nodes present on the bus. The test set consist of a battery powered 9-Channel Monitor which interfaces to the air vehicle through three well-shielded (3) D38999 cables, a battery-powered Remote Display, two battery-powered copper to fiber optic Extenders (Extender) and associated cables along with a carrying case.


  • Monitor up to nine (9) independent IEEE-1394 buses for bus reset and node count
  • Integrated touchscreen enables IEEE-1394 network testing with no external PC required
  • Battery-powered along with well-shielded cables and devices provides excellent EMI tolerance
  • Robust fiber optic cabling enables long distances and electrical isolation
  • Direct copper connection between 9-Channel Bus Monitor and Remote Display for system setup and debug
  • Scalable architecture allows for new applications. See iVeriPHY product, in addition to currently supported applications, i.e. 9- Channel Bus Monitor