Quad-Port FPGA XMC Card (V1151)

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The V1151 is the industry’s most advanced FPGA XMC Card solution. It is designed to provide a real time high-bandwidth network interface, and processing module for next generation radar and signal intelligence systems. This FPGA XMC Card solution comes with a range of Xilinx Virtex/Kintex UltraScale+ FPGAs, along with different memory configurations to meet application requirements. Additionally, our FPGA XMC Cards support different carrier boards using PCIe, Ethernet, or XAUI host interfaces. Our FPGA XMC Card’s design flexibility is intended to meet application requirements. This has resulted in optimized SWaP, shorter development cycles, and overall enhanced performance.


  • Four SFP28 ports accommodate either:
    • 1x 100G Ethernet
    • 1x 40G Ethernet
    • 4x 25G Ethernet
    • 4x 10G Ethernet
    • 4x 1G Ethernet
    • 4x 1/2/4/8/16/32G Fibre Channel
    • 4x 1/2/2.5/10G sFPDP
    • 4x 1-10G ARINC 818-2
  • Xilinx Virtex/Kintex UltraScale+ FPGA
  • Supports PCIe Gen3 x 16 and Gen4 x 8
  • PPS time synchronization with μSec resolution
  • Thermal sensors for monitoring card temperature
  • Robust FPGA development framework
  • Advanced APIs that support multi-core and multi-processor architectures
  • Optimized Windows & Linux drivers and libraries
  • UDP offload engine for real time communication
  • Streaming front-end FPGA core for quick sensor integration
  • Available in air and conduction-cooled XMC form factors