Interfacer Automatic Gain Controlled Amplifier

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The Apogee Labs model AL2173 Interfacer is a wide band, Automatic Gain Control (AGC) analog signal buffer amplifier system implemented by one or more IOC801 module(s). A typical use of the IOC801 is as an automatic gain control for telemetry receiver outputs that are input to recorders.

The model 2173 chassis houses up to 14 single–slot dual-channel IOC801 modules. Front-panel access is provided for test points, toggle switches and trimmers. Each IOC801 module is a self-contained dual channel, wideband AGC analog signal buffer amplifier. Front panel controls for each channel include an AGC mode selector (Fast, Slow attack / Manual), Offset control, and a Gain control. A Test Point connector provides an accurate buffered signal output. The design of the 2173 and its complement of IOC801 modules stress the concepts of signal integrity, channel isolation and low noise contribution. So as to minimize the possibility of signal contamination, there is no interconnection between modules on the backplane of the chassis.

• 19” W x 9” D x 3.5” H (2 U Rack Units)
• Rack Mountable
• Up to 14 Pluggable Interface Modules
• Front panel Module Adjustments
• Front Panel Power Indicator
• Pluggable Power Supply (2173-880)
• Two Independent Channels per Module
• DC to 20 MHz Response
• Input Level Range: 400mV p-p to
• 20V p-p into 75 Ohms
• Output Level: 2.83V p-p Adjustable (Manual) or Preset (AGC)
• Output Impedance: 75 Ohms
• DC Coupled Amplifier
• Buffered Output Test Point per Channel
• Harmonic Distortion: ≥40 dB Below Rated Output
• DC Offset: Adjustable Output Offset ±4V
• Channel-to-Channel Isolation: 60 dB at 20 MHz; ≥80 dB at 1 MHz
• Signal Port Return Loss: ≥ 20 dB
• Contributed Noise: ≥60 dB Below Rated Output