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The AL2873 Configurable Interface Unit (CIU) is a modular equipment chassis that provides the platform for a wide variety of Interfacing Functions. Buffering, Signal Level and Connector conversions, protocol conversions, and even Data Link functions, such as Fiber Optic Modems, Bit Sync, Clock & Data Recovery as well as Bit Error Rate Testers are examples of the wide range of ‘interfacing’ the CIU addresses. It is modular in design which allows field upgrades simply by installing new or different function Modules.

Operation of the AL2873 CIU utilizes an easy to read color graphics LCD display and keypad. Plug-in modules may be placed anywhere within the chassis.

• Compatible with APEX Remote Control Software
•Bit Error Rate Testing
•Bit Sync
•Data Acquisition
•Clock Regeneration & Code Conversion
•Signal Distribution and Conversion
•Level conversion
•Impedance Matching
•Ground Isolation
•Single-ended / Differential
•Logic Change
•Time Distribution
•Video Switching
•Communication Protocol
•Fiber Optic Modem