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The Apogee Labs Interfacer II model AL2500 is a second generation extension of our popular model AL2073/2173 Interfacer product line. The modules housed in the AL2500 chassis contain more real-estate to support complex functions, extended operator control, and more I/O connection space. The chassis contains space for redundant, hot-swappable power supplies. Each power supply displays its power-on status via an independent front panel LED.

Application dependent front panel controls and indicators are associated with and contained on each plug-in application module. The AL2500 chassis accommodates up to 15 application modules. These may be totally independent functions with independent purposes. For example, some modules may be video distribution amplifiers while others may be interface or protocol converters.

• 3U, ANSI, 5.25” high, 19” wide, 12” deep Rack mount chassis
• Able to support complex functions
• Holds up to 16 modules
• Auto-sensing power supply – 115-230 VAC and 50 to 400 Hz
• Hot swappable power supplies
• Redundant power supply option
•Enhanced flexibility
• Extended operator control