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The Apogee Labs Model 2073 Telemetry Signal Interface/ Distribution chassis is a cost effective user configurable unit which provides a convenient method of connecting equipment having dissimilar signal interfaces and/or distributing a single input to multiple outputs. Holding up to 14 individual cards, signals are received and properly terminated via an input only or input/output card, translated/buffered and properly driven to industry standards.

Front panel status of the input signal, the most common status being signal transitions, is available for most modules, providing a quick look capability that input data and clock are present to a particular card in the chassis. A recessed 10-position rotary switch is available on certain slots depending on the chassis model option, providing an easy means of selecting up to 10 unique functions which are available on several interface modules. A Global bus structure provides a convenient method of buffering and distributing the input from one card to the remaining 13 cards, enabling a single input to drive up to 52 outputs. A Daisy Chain bus structure limits signal distribution to the slot adjacent to the input signal module slot allowing for the distribution of multiple or dissimilar input signals in the same chassis. The 2073 chassis is available in several options, depending on customer preference.

Over 100 unique interface/distribution modules exist for the 2073 chassis covering a varied set of input and output standards. In addition to the standard set of modules, custom interface modules can be developed.

• Clock Regeneration
• Code Conversion Bi-Phase / NRZ-L NRZ-L / RNRZ-L
• Signal Distribution TTL, RS-232, RS-422
• Level Conversion TTL, RS-422, Bi-Polar Uni-Polar
• Impedance Matching
• Ground Isolation Single-ended, Differential
• Logic Change ECL, TTL
• Time Distribution IRIG A, B, G, NASA, 36 Bit
• Communication Protocol T1, AMI/TTL, TTL/T1 AMI
• Opto-isolation
• Fiber Optic Connections