Talon RTX 2684 26 GHz Sentinel Intelligent Signal Scanning RTX Extreme Recorder

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Pentek’s Talon RTX 2684 combines the power of a Pentek Talon Recording System with a 26 GHz RF tuner and Pentek’s Sentinel intelligent signal scanning software — packaged in an extremely rugged, small form factor (SFF) 1/2 ATR chassis. Pentek’s SFF recorders provide the performance of large rackmount recorders in the smallest footprint available in Pentek’s Talon product line.

The RTX 2684 provides SIGINT engineers the ability to scan the RF spectrum from 1 GHz to 26 GHz for signals of interest and monitor or record bandwidths up to 500 MHz wide. A spectral scan facility allows the user to scan the spectrum, while threshold detection allows the system to automatically lock onto and record signal bands. Scan results are displayed in a waterfall plot and can also be recorded to allow users to look back at some earlier spectral activity. Once a signal of interest is detected, the real-time recorder can capture and store hundreds of terabytes of data to disk, allowing users to store data spanning many hours.


  • Search and capture system using Pentek’s Sentinel Intelligent Signal Scanner
  • Captures RF signals from 1 GHz to 26 GHz
  • Capture and scan bandwidths up to 500 MHz
  • Selectable threshold triggered or manual record modes
  • 12-bit A/Ds with 57.5 dB SNR & 72 dB SFDR
  • Built-in DDC with selectable decimations of 4, 8 and 16
  • Rugged 1/2 ATR MIL-spec chassis for harsh mechanical and thermal environments
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Internally conduction-cooled
  • Fully sealed for RF emissions with EMI power line filter
  • MIL-STD circular connectors
  • Compact and lightweight: about 23 lb (10.4 kg)
  • QuickPac® drive packs allow quick removal of all data storage via the front panel
  • Ideal for UAVs, military vehicles, aircraft pods and outdoor environments
  • Sustained real-time record rates up to 4 GB/s
  • 12 to 28 VDC power supply
  • Optional GPS receiver for precise time and position stamping
  • SystemFlowGUI, SystemFlow API, and Signal Viewer analysis tools
  • Optional telnet remote connection to recorder