NLINE-UA429™ In-Line ARINC to USB 3.1

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NLINE-UA429™ is an innovative product of ARINC operations for USB connections, ideal for in-field applications or point-point lab usage.

Alta has combined the industry’s most advanced 32-bit ARINC FPGA protocol engine, AltaCore, with the same feature-rich application programming interface, AltaAPI, as used with standard cards, often without even recompiling – the ultimate in code portability.  AltaAPI SDK is provided at no-cost with all products.  The SDK is a properly layered, abstract development tool for ARINC or 1553 products.

DB-26 for ARINC Signals, and USB Type-A Connector for USB Connections. Look for Trident Logo on Your Computer for Superspeed Ports!!


  • USB 3.1 <-> 1-8 ARINC Channels: 4 Channels RX or TX (Shared); 4 RX Only Channels
  • 3 Simultaneous RX Modes
  • Advanced TX Label Scheduling
  • Extended Temp Parts Available
  • Signal Capture on First 2 RX Channels
  • Windows 8 & 10, and Linux Drivers
  • USB 2.0 Compatible, but Not Recommended
  • 5V @ 2 Amp Power (Normal with USB 3.1)
  • IRIG-B RX Decode, Triggers
  • Polling Interrupts
  • 2 RX/2TX ARINC-717 Shared Channels – These Replace Two ARINC-429 Channels
  • Each Shared RX/TX has TX Electrical Load, and RX Drain When Powered-off. RX Only Option (-I) Recommended for Critical Systems