NLINE-U1553™ 1-2 Channel MIL-STD-1553 Rugged, In-Line USB Interface

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The NLINE-U1553 implements the latest USB 3 SuperSpeed technology for 1-2 dual redundant, independent 1553 channels. Full function capability for Bus Controller (BC), multi-RT (mRT), and Bus Monitor (BM). Also, o-scope signal capture on the first channel to troubleshoot bus signals. All built-in a small, rugged cable assembly that allows the customer to easily connect with standard 1553 jack connectors, or make their own custom cable with a Lemo break-away standard.  USB 2 backward compatible (but not recommended – USB 3 offers superior throughput performance).


  • 1-2 Dual Redundant, Independent 1553 Busses with USB 3 SuperSpeed. NLINE Package
  • USB 3 SuperSpeed Interface. USB 2 Compatible, But Not Recommended
  • 6 Avionics Discrete Inputs for MIL-1760 or General Use
  • O-Scope Signal Capture on First Channel
  • IRIG-B Input, RS-485 Discrete, TTL Clock, Triggers
  • Optional NVRAM Write Disable, 2 Temp Sensors
  • Temp (C): 0-70, -40 to +85 Optional (-E) Operating. -55 to 120 Storage.
  • One MByte Ram Per Channel
  • Single Application and Polling Interrupts Only
  • Advanced BITs