Modular Dual Stream Receiver (LS-28-DRSM)

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The Modular Multi-Band Dual Channel Data Receiving, Combining, Recording and Process System is Lumistar’s newest most compact and capable telemetry product.  The LS-28-DRSM Series is designed specifically to support Flight Test and Space Telemetry Ops.


  • Dual or Single Channel
  • Receiving & Combining
  • Multimode Demodulation
    • Up to 60 Mbps
  • Bit Sync / Frame Sync
  • Decom
  • TMoIP
    • Chapter 10 / IRIG-218
  • Bit Data Recording
    • Includes Chapter 10 format
  • Data Simulation, two streams
  • IF Digital Modulator
  • IRIG and PTP Time
  • LDPC/Viterbi /Reed-Solomon
  • Graphical User Displays
  • Health and Status Indicators
  • Intuitive User Interface