Lumistar LS-18-P1 Series Portable Telemetry Data Simulation & RF Transmission Test System (LS-18-P1)

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A complete data simulation and RF broadcasting system in a small lightweight lunchbox case! The LS-18-P1 series is designed specifically to support IRIG flight test operations.


  • Utilizes Lumistar’s LS-68-M Super Simulation & LS-18-M Technology
  • Mated Together To Create a Dynamic “Data Simulation and RF Transmission System”
  • Ground, Mobile, Airborne/Shipboard & Remote Operations
  • AC or Rechargeable Battery Power, Operable w/Hot Swap
  • IP-67 Rated “Pistol” Case
  • Flexible/Extensible Firmware-Based Personalities
    • Easy Field Upgrades to Add Additional Features
  • Data Rates Up To 50 Mbps (with RF Modulation)
    • 60 Mbps Clock/Data TTL/422 Differential
  • Internally Derived PCM PRN Patterns or Simulated Framed Data
    • Excellent for Loop Back Tests /Ground Station Validation
    • Internally Generated IRIG Chapter 4 Framed Data Simulation
  • Supports IRIG 106 Ch 4 Class I and Class II formats
  • Accepts Clock and Data for Modulation from External Sources
  • Accepts Data for Modulation via UDP Ethernet Connection
  • Multi-Mode RF Modulation Formats
    • ARTM Tier 0/1/2 (PCM/FM/SOQPSK-TG/MultiH CPM)
    • BPSK, QPSK, other formats also available upon request
  • Multiple Code Conversion Formats Available
    • Such as NRZ/Biphase, and Randomized Codes
  • Configuration File Uploads made over TCP/IP Network
  • Data Playback can be from Internally Stored Configuration
    • Only Need to Power On The Unit to Run Last State
  • Data Playback from Internally Stored Pre-Recorded Data
    • Playback from optional internal memory, 64 GB capacity
    • Allows playback of CH 10 files