High Performance 20 GHz Frequency Down-Converter (WR-G20DWC)


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The WiNRADiO WR-G20DWC is a high-performance single conversion frequency down-converter suitable for input frequencies up to 20 GHz.

This device contains a high-stability local oscillator, mixer and various filters to convert an incoming UHF to SHF frequency down to an intermediate frequency of 9 kHz to 2900 MHz, which is then directly applied to the receiver’s antenna. This can be used to extend the frequency range of the WiNRADiO G39DDC and G527e receivers, as well as third-party products, into the high UHF and SHF regions.

Unlike most simple down-converters, the WR-G20DWC unit ensures excellent frequency stability by utilizing an ultra-high stability 0.01 ppm OCXO reference oscillator. This makes it usable even for narrow-band modulation modes, and due to its low noise figure it can also be used with high-end professional applications.

• Down-conversion input 20 MHz – 20 GHz
• Bypass input frequency 9 kHz – 2900 MHz
• Output frequency 9 kHz – 2900 MHz
• Ultra-high frequency stability 0.01 ppm
• High dynamic range
• Low noise figure
• Simple installation
• Integrates with WR-G39DDC and WR-G527 receivers
• Suitable for any third-party receivers
• Low power consumption
• USB interface