Bandit Two-Channel Analog RF Receiver, 6U/3U cPCI

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These Bandit® models are two-or four channel, high-performance, stand-alone analog RF receivers. Packaged in small, shielded cPCI boards with front-panel connectors for easy integration into RF systems, they offer programmable gain, high dynamic range and a low noise figure.

Model 7320 is a 3U cPCI board while Model 7220 is a 6U cPCI board; both provide two channels, while Model 7420 is a double-density 6U cPCI board that provides four channels.

With an input frequency range from 400 to 4000 MHz and a wide IF bandwidth of up to 390 MHz, these models are ideal solutions for amplifying and downconverting antenna signals for communications, radar and signal intelligence systems.

• Accepts RF signals from 400 MHz to 4000 MHz
• Accepts RF input levels from -60 dBm to -20 dBm
• Baseband IF output with up to 390 MHz bandwidth
• Internal OCXO or external 10 MHz frequency reference