Dual-Action Surge Protector (WR-DASP-2500)



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The WiNRADiO WR-DASP-2500 Dual-Action Surge Protector is designed to protect radio receivers from electrostatic discharges into the antenna input. Voltages exceeding the protector’s trip point are shunted to the ground.

Dual-action surge protection is accomplished by combining a high-performance gas discharge tube intended to absorb the bulk of the surge energy, with an ultra-fast-acting semiconductor suppression diode responsible for an exceptionally fast reaction time of the device.

The WiNRADiO WR-DASP-2500 Dual-Action Surge Protector is self-recovering and designed to withstand multiple surges.

It is especially suitable for use with WiNRADiO G3 series receivers. It is suitable for third-party receivers as well.

Surge protection is achieved in two stages: The first stage is designed against short-time voltage spikes exceeding 17 V. Its response time is less than 1 ns. The second stage is activated when voltage spikes exceed 75 V. This stage is capable of absorbing considerable energy, with longer spikes lasting up to several seconds.

The combination of exceptionally fast-acting and energy-absorbing circuits results in excellent protection of radio receiving equipment from atmospheric discharges, transients and electrostatic build-up.

• Dual-action of fast semiconductor and gas-discharge tube
• Fast reaction time
• High energy absorption
• Frequency range 9 kHz to 2500 MHz
• Flat passband
• Very low insertion loss
• Very low capacitance
• Rugged weatherproof construction
• Small size and weight
• Simple installation

The WiNRADiO WR-DASP-2500 Dual-Action Surge Protector is connected to the antenna and the receiver via an SMA connector using a suitable coaxial cable. It should be located as far away as possible from the receiver. The device needs to be well grounded for proper operation. Grounding is via the mounting lugs of the die-cast aluminium enclosure to a suitable ground point, for example the antenna mast.

Technical Specifications
• Insertion loss 0.3 db @ 200 MHz
• Frequency range 9 KHz – 2500 MHz
• Impedance (in/out) 50 Ohm
• Capacitance 1.5 pF
• Initial response time 1 ns
• Gas tube maximum impulse spark-over voltage (1 kV/1)
• Gas tube impulse discharge current (10/1000 s) 50 A
• Gas tube AC discharge current (50 Hz, 1 s) 5 A
• Gas tube insulation resistance 1000 MOhm
• Suppression diode current leakage 0.05 µA
• Connectors SMA (in/out)