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This device contains an ultra-low noise figure preamplifier designed to operate in the range of 30-3500 MHz. While it is ideally matched to WiNRADiO VHF/UHF receivers, it can be also used to improve sensitivity of most third party receivers.

The amplifier employs the latest Silicon Germanium Heterostructure Bipolar Transistor technology (SiGE HBT) to achieve its excellent performance, in terms of high gain, low noise figure and excellent third-order intercept.

The device is housed in a sturdy die-cast package which can be mounted indoors as well as outdoors, and powered either locally or via the coaxial cable. It is suited for consumer as well as professional applications.

The WiNRADiO WR-LNA-3500 Low Noise Amplifier is especially suitable for use with WiNRADiO G3 series VHF/UHF receivers, such as the WR-G305i and WR-G305e receivers, in conjunction with which it can provide excellent minimum discernible signal (MDS) levels of approximately -140 dBm. The amplifier also contains a suitable high-pass filter to eliminate interference from AM broadcast and HF frequencies.

• Frequency range 30 to 3500 MHz
• High gain
• Low noise figure
• High intercept point
• Dual power (external or via coax)
• Rugged weatherproof construction
• Simple installation
• Low-noise linear power supply included

The amplifier is connected to the antenna and the receiver via an SMA connector and a suitable low-loss coaxial cable. In this type of installation the power is applied directly to the downconverter. We recommend using well-filtered power, preferrably that of a linear power supply, such as the WiNRADiO SF-41 series (which is already supplied with the amplifier).

Alternatively, the amplifier can be placed closer to the antenna and powered via the coaxial cable. On the receiver side, the power can be injected via WiNRADiO WR-BT-3500 “Bias T” device. This would be a preferred option to minimize losses in the cable if the antenna is located at a greater distance from the receiver.

The WR-LNA-3500 low-noise amplifier is cascadeable and stable across the entire operating temperature and frequency range. It is usable up to 4-5 GHz.

Technical Specifications
• Ultra low noise figure amplifier
• Technology Silicon Germanium HBT
• Frequency range 30 to 3500 MHz
• Gain 27 dB @ 500 MHz
• NF 1.7 db @ 500 MHz
• IP3 30 dBm @ 500 MHz
• Input VSWR 1: 1.4 (30 to 3500 MHz)
• Output VSWR 1: 1.3 (30 to 3500 MHz)
• Connectors 2 x SMA
• Power jack OD=5.5mm ID=2.5mm (center positive)
• Power 7-15 V DC @ 150 mA max
(can be supplied either directly or via coax cable)
• Operating temperature -40 to +60 deg C
• Enclosure Diecast aluminum
• Size 60 x 35 x 30mm (2.3 X 1.4 x 1.2 in)
(excluding connectors)
• Weight 05 grams (3.8)