Client Server Option for G313/G315 Series Receivers (WR-CSO-G3)

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The WiNRADiO G3-CSO (Client/Server Option) makes it possible to remotely control a WiNRADiO G313 or G315 series receiver across all types of computer networks supporting the TCP/IP protocol, including the Internet. With this software installed, a WiNRADiO receiver can be remotely controlled and listened to from anywhere in the world where a TCP/IP connection exists between the Client and the Server.

This Option is an add-on to the existing WiNRADiO G313/G315 application software and can install either on both the remote system (the Server) and the control PC (the Client). Because the Client/Server Option is an extension to the existing WiNRADiO software, the stand-alone WiNRADiO G313/G315 applications have to be installed on both the Server and Client computers before the Client/Server Option can be installed.
The Client/Server Option contains two different software packages which the user is prompted to select at the installation time, depending on whether that particular computer is intended to be the Server or the Client.

Minimum System Requirements
Server end:
• IBM PC compatible (min. 800 MHz CPU)
• Windows XP/Vista/7
• WINRADIO G313 or 315 series receiver
Client end:
• IBM PC compatible (min. 800 MHz CPU)
• Windows X/Vista/7
• 128 MB of RAM, 64 MB of free disk space
• SoundBlaster compatible sound card