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WiNRADiO WaveBase 3 is a combination of three functions in one: shortwave frequency database, task scheduler and audio recorder, all neatly integrated and suitable for any general-purpose G3 series receiver.

WaveBase 3 makes it possible to easily import station frequency data and broadcast schedules from the Internet (HFCC and EiBi websites) to maintain accurate, easily searchable records that can be used to automatically control recording. Selected database records can be also easily exported as CSV-formatted files.

You can tune a WiNRADiO receiver to the desired station by selecting it directly from within the displayed database records, or use the scheduler to automatically tune to a station and record the audio signal at the desired date and time.

The WaveBase 3 database can import the HFCC (High Frequency Co-ordination Conference) and EiBi frequency lists which are freely available on the Internet. These lists consist of records representing the station names, frequencies and transmission timetables. Both databases are periodically updated and can be easily downloaded.

The database records are shown as a large table, displaying many frequencies simultaneously. The table columns and their order can be customized by the user. From within the database table, you can tune the receiver to a station’s frequency, launch the scheduler, start recording, or display detailed information of the selected station.
To search the database for a particular station of interest, you can set up a search filter according to various search criteria.

The WaveBase 3 scheduler is designed to automatically tune the receiver to a desired frequency and record the received audio at a preset time and date. You can easily set the scheduler to record a radio station’s daily transmissions (up to 24 hours of recordings) on certain days of the week, or for an entire season, as long as your computer has enough free hard disk space.

The “schedule” is a table consisting of one or more tasks. For each task it is possible to set a frequency, mode, start and stop times and dates. If your recordings take place over a period of several days, you may also wish to specify the days of week on which recordings are to be made.

When specifying recording times, it is possible to select either UTC or local time.

System Requirements:
Receiver: Any general-purpose G3 series receiver
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
CPU: Pentium P4 1.6 GHz or higher
RAM: 512 MB
Sound card: Any Microsoft Windows compatible sound card (needed for the recording function only)
Hard disk space: 6 MB free space for application installation, 30 MB free space for database