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The Client /Server Option makes it possible to remotely control a WiNRADiO receiver across all types of computer networks supporting the TCP/IP protocol, including the Internet. With the Client/Server Option installed, a WiNRADiO receiver can be remotely controlled and listened to from anywhere in the world where a TCP/IP connection exists between the Client and the Server.

This Option is an add-on to the existing WiNRADiO application software and can install either on the remote system (the Server) or the control PC (the Client). Because the Client/Server Option is an extension to the existing WiNRADiO software, the stand-alone WiNRADiO applications have to be installed before the Client/Server Option can be installed.

The Client/Server Option contains two different software packages which the user is prompted to select at the installation time:

The Server software is a stand-alone application that runs on the Server system, and provides access to the receivers from the network.

The Client software provides a transparent interface to the remotely located receivers, accessible from the standard WiNRADiO application. As a result, the user interface is the same as if the receivers were located locally. A real-time audio streaming facility is also included.