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The AL4700 was designed to address applications that require various signal types to be transported and re-ceived over ATM networks and can be configured to operate in a simplex or full duplex configuration. The AL4700 supports true multicasting applications where a single unit can simultaneously accept data from several different units on the network. Signal types such as PCM, video, channelized T1, etc. can be individually pack-aged into ATM cells for transport across the network. The AL4700 can also act as a gateway to bridge Ethernet packets across ATM networks.

On the transmit interface, the unit collects and transmits data as ATM cells over the installed network interface card. Each input channel is transmitted on a different ATM Virtual Channel ID (VCID) to allow an ATM switch to independently route the channels to other AL4700 or compatible units. On the receive side, the channels are configured to receive packets that are routed to the chassis through the ATM switch and are set to the same VCID. The receive channels will recreate and output the corresponding data stream. Refer to the separate channel module data sheets for more information.

• ATM over OC-3c communication interface (OC-12c coming soon)
• Full duplex or simplex operationli>
• Composite data link rates up to 240 Mbps
• Modular design – 14 available module slots
• Channel interfaces: PCM, Ethernet, T1, analog, voice, time code, video, asynchronous, and others
• Hot-swappable interface modules
• Sturdy rack mount chassis – 5.25”(H) x 19” (W) x 14” (D)
• High contrast front panel display
• Hot-swappable redundant power supplies
• Ethernet (10/100/1000) remote control with SNMP or GUI
• Compatible with APEX Remote Control Software