Timed Data/Video Nodes

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The AL1110 SPIN and AL1111 SPON are part of a series of Apogee Labs Data Network Appliances (DNA) that provide a flexible, scalable and cost effective Ethernet transport for serial PCM data, audio, and video (NTSC and PAL).


•10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Connectivity
◦Industry Standard Protocols Supported
•Serial PCM Channel
◦TTL/RS-422 Input (Up to 35 Mbps)
◦Optional LVDS interface (Up to 300 Mbps)
◦6 Video Inputs
◦Up to 17.5 Mbps
•Time Code Inputs
◦Time Code Insertion Into Packets
•Secure/Real-Time Operating System
◦LINUX Kernel
◦User Level Access Control
◦Password Protected
•Standalone Unit
◦Unattended operation and system recovery
◦Multi-Node Chassis Upgradeable
•Easily Re-Configurable
◦Operating System Independent Remote GUI via Web Browser
◦Downloadable Software Updates