Antenna Multiplexer and Frequency Extender (WR-AMFE-8600HS)


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The WiNRADiO AMFE™ Antenna Multiplexer and Frequency Extender fulfills a dual role of an antenna switching unit and a frequency downconverter, making it possible to easily interface separate HF, VHF, UHF and SHF antennas to a wide-band receiver, as well as provide frequency downconversion for input signals up to 8599 MHz.

This device contains a high-stability local oscillator, mixer and various filters to convert an incoming UHF to SHF frequency down to an intermediate frequency 96-1800 MHz, which is then directly applied to the receiver’s antenna. This can be used to extend the frequency range of VHF/UHF receivers to high UHF and SHF regions, both for WiNRADiO and third party products.

The local oscillator is stable enough for the downconverter to be usable even for narrow-band modulation modes, and has a low noise figure to be useful for high-end professional applications.

• Input frequency range DC to 3500 (or 8599) MHz
• Output frequency range 96 to 1800 MHz
• High temperature stability
• High input insulation
• High dynamic range
• Low noise figure
• Simple installation
• Integrates with WR-G315e and WR-G315i receivers
• Suitable for any third-party receivers (AMFE-8600 only)
• Low-noise linear power supply included