AL2273 64×64 Digital Matrix Switch

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The AL2273 is a solid state solution for routing, distributing, and/or converting various signal types as an interface between telemetry and communications equipment, such as bit syncs, receivers, record-ers, and decommutators. It is an ideal and cost effective alternative to a patch panel.


  • Solid State Switch Technology
  • Non-Blocking Switch Matrix
    • Any Input to Any Output
    • One Input to Many Outputs
  • Flexible Modular Architecture
    • Field Configurable Modularity
    • Scaleable Switch Matrix
    • (16 x 16) to (64 x 64)
    • Mix and Match “Hot-Swap” Input and Output Interfaces (signal / connector)
  • Independent Input & Output Signal Types
    • TTL, LVDS DC to 35 Mbps
    • RS-422 DC to 30 Mbps
    • LV PECL DC to 50 Mbps
  • Short-Circuit Protected Outputs
  • Built-In Bit-Error-Rate-Test Function
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Dynamic Reconfiguration
  • Control Flexibility
  • Ethernet Secure Server
  • Stores Multiple Setup Configurations
    • Non-Volatile Internal Configuration Storage
  • English Language I/O Signal Naming