AL2201 Enterprise Matrix Switch

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The AL2201 digital matrix switch for routing, distributing, and/or converting various signal types as an interface between telemetry and communications equipment such as bit syncs, receivers, recorders, and decommutators. It is an ideal and cost effective alternative to a patch panel.

The AL2201 is a fully non-blocking matrix switch capable of accommodating matrices such as 8×8, 16×16, 24×24, 32×32, or permutations from 8×56 to 56×8. Signal types supported include TTL, RS-422 and ECL. The AL2201 has an integrated control interface and display as well as an optional GUI for control via Ethernet.


• Non-blocking matrix switch
• Signal types include TTL, RS-422, ECL
• Multiple configuration storage capability
• Modular and scalable architecture
• Signal distribution and conversion
• Hot swappable input/output modules
• Redundant power supplies
• Easy to use GUI for control through front panel or remotely via Ethernet (optional)