AL2202 Analog Matrix Switch

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The AL2202 100Mhz analog matrix switch for routing and distributing between telemetry and communications equipment such as receivers, demodulators, bit syncs, and recorders. It is an ideal and cost effective alternative to a patch panels.

The AL2202 is a fully non-blocking matrix switch capable of accommodating matrices such as 8×8, 16×16, 24×24, and 32×32 for analog signals up to 100MHz. The AL2202 has an integrated control interface and display as well as an optional GUI for control via Ethernet.


Full Fan-out Non-Blocking Switch 100MHz Analog Bandwidth Programmable Input / Output Impedance
• BNC or SMA I/O connectors
• Redundant power supplies
• Easy to use GUI for control through front panel or remotely via Ethernet (optional)