WiNRADiO WD-3300 Direction Finding System – Dual Channel (WD-3300RP-G315-2)


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The WiNRADiO WD-3300 Direction Finding system employs the proven pseudo-Doppler method, combined with statistical signal processing, to deliver a cost-effective, yet highly accurate DF solution for government, military, law enforcement and industrial applications.

The entire DF system comprises of fully integrated receivers, battery, charging unit and control circuitry in a compact sturdy carry case, ready for quick and easy deployment anywhere, with or without external power sources.


• Compact stand-alone system
• Dual receiver version
• Wide frequency range
• Proven and reliable pseudo-Doppler method
• Mobile or stationary deployment
• Quick system set-up without tools
• Rugged and weather-proof construction
• Superior accuracy
• Real-time RF/Audio spectrum analyzer
• Mains power and battery operation
• Single or dual receiver configuration
• Integrated compass compensation
• Optional GPS logging
• Optional Client/Server control
• Optional triangulation and mapping