Universal Video Format Converter – VSC 900

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The Model VSC/900 provides scan conversion and mixing for any video input signals. The unit’s capabilities include conversion of any input to any output format up to 2K x 2K. In addition to operat-ing with VESA, HD and SD signals, the unit pro-vides conversion and mixing of stroke (vector) video signals.

• Multi-format scan conversion
• Input/output resolutions up to 2K x 2K
• Full range of analog and digi-tal inputs and outputs
• Mix and synchronize different video standards
• Optional: Video-over-IP; H.264 Video Compression w/ MPEG-2 compliant TS multiplexing
• Fully configurable network interface
• Front Panel, or command line control (RS-232 or Ethernet)
• 1RU Package
• +10OC to +71OC Operation