High Output Count, High Performance Time Signal Distribution Amplifier – (TDU-310)

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The TDU-310 is a high output count, high performance time signal distribution amplifier. It is specifically designed to distribute the precise time code signals generated by military GPS receivers compliant with ICD-GPS-060.

The TDU-310 provides 10 output channels of each of three signals – 1PPS, Have Quick and 50 bit/sec BCD time code. Two independent input references are supported, with fault monitoring and switchover to a backup reference if the primary source fails. Manual override of source selection is possible via a front panel mounted switch.

The 1PPS output pulse width is set to 20 microseconds, independent of the input pulse width. The 1PPS outputs are individually selectable for either a low or 50 ohm source impedance drive into a 50 ohm load.

BCD time code outputs are available with either RS232 (single ended) or RS422 (differential) output buffers. Optical isolation between the reference sources and the TDU310 output buffers is optionally available. The TDU-310 is configured as a 1 U 19” rack mount unit.

Power supply options include 115/230 VAC, 48, 24 or 12 VDC. Power consumption is 15.6 Watts (0.13A)


  • Dual inputs with automatic switchover
  • 10 individually buffered outputs of 3 signal outputs
  • Have Quick, BCD and 1PPS outputs compliant with ICD-GPS-060