24 Output Pulse Distribution Unit – (PDU-240)

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The Brandywine Communications Model PDU-240 offers the user modern, often requested and reliable pulse distribution features. The base unit outputs twenty-four 1PPS outputs that are transformer-coupled from the rear panel connectors to the transfer switch. Each output is a faithful reproduction of the pulse input.

A three-position front panel switch chooses automatic operation or may be used to manually select one of the two input sources. When the AUTO mode is selected the AUTO indicator will be illuminated and Input A will be used if it is available. Should Input A fail Input B will be chosen automatically. Indicators show the status of the inputs and which input has been selected.

Each of the twenty-four outputs is monitored. Should an output fail a group alarm Fault indicator will illuminate.


  • Wide Input Bandwidth
  • Input Isolation
  • Automatic & Manual Changeover
  • Transformer Coupled Outputs
  • Twenty four Outputs
  • Front Panel Status Indicators
  • Fault Discrete Inputs
  • Compact 1U, 19” rack mount