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The AL8000-101 PCM encoder module is designed for applications requiring sub-miniature size low weight, low cost and the ability to withstand harsh environments. It is suitable for high shock
applications such as precision guided munitions, projectiles, missiles and other rugged telemetry applications. It is factory configured with CPLD based technology allowing the configuration to be reprogrammed to meet a variety of applications and is compliant with IRIG-106 Standards.

The module (pc board assembly) can be sold as an OEM product, in a custom package per customer specifications or in an integrated package with a low-power RF microwave transmitter.

• Low Power CPLD Based PCM Encoder (5V at 24mA)
• Optional bit rates up to 5M bps
• 8 analog, 8 discrete, 1 serial channel(s)
• Standard + 5Vdc Power
• Optional + 7.2Vdc Supply Voltage
• Minimum Size and Weight
• 1” diameter PCB (max.)
• Meets IRIG-106 Standards
• 6 pole pre-mod filter