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The AL8400 Data Acquisition Multiplexer accepts a variety of analog and digital signals and multiplexes them togetherinto a single stream of digital data bits for recording, transmission or IRIG compatible decommutation. The unit utilizes standard sampling techniques and generates standard IRIG PCM telemetry formats. A standard Class I or Class II decommutator / frame synchronizer may be used to extract the data. Alternately, data may be ingested by a computer for
storage and processing.

The unit is configured using a simple remote control program which requires a minimum of operator interaction. All Model AL8400 control and setup information passes through the micro-processor of the PCMGEN module. In order to keep the front panel menu driven display simple, the software is configured according to the data acquisition modules that are installed. Separate documents are provided that describe, in detail, the installed modules. This document centers on the functionality of the chassis.

• Laboratory Data Acquisition Applications
• Various Signal Types Accepted -–Analog, Digital, Time Code, Audio
• Time Division Multiplex (TDM) PCM Technology –Up to 20 Mbps
• IRIG 106 Compliant Output
• Expandable Configuration- –Up to 128 Analog Inputs and –Up to 256 Discrete Inputs
• Front Panel and Ethernet Setup and Control–RS-232 and IEEE-488 Options Available