Receiver for Audio Engineering and Telemetry Applications (WR-G33WSM)



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WiNRADiO receivers have been used to assist in stage productions by sound engineers of numerous performers and groups, celebrities, major world venues, events and performances.

With the WR-G33WSM model, WiNRADiO introduces a high-performance low-cost receiver and spectrum analyzer specially developed for sound engineers and performers who work with wireless microphones and other wireless audio devices.

The receiver contains a number of specialist features tailored to audio engineering. Its wide frequency range covers all standard wireless microphone and other VHF/UHF frequencies used in stage production, including the FM broadcast band and point-to-point communications.

Frequency range 30 to 1000 MHz (except cellular bands where required by law)
FM demodulator suited for all types of wireless microphones
Very high sensitivity
Excellent dynamic range
Real-time spectrum analyzer (both linear and logarithmic)
Built-in audio recorder
Spectrum sweeping, printing and user annotation
Channel and environment memories
Antenna and base included
Also compatible with latest Apple Macs