Portable Field Strength Logging and Surveillance System (PFSL-G315/3500)

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PFSL-G3 Portable Field Strength Logging and Surveillance System


• Easy portability
• Rechargeable battery
• Automated operation
• GPS included
• Wide frequency range
• Signal level or field strength logging
• Signal demodulation and recording
• Low cost

Until recently, the task of mobile field strength logging, monitoring and surveillance typically required several pieces of conventional equipment interconnected into bulky and expensive systems.

WiNRADiO PFSL-G3 system provides an elegant, fully integrated solution, specifically designed for mobile “drive-by” signal coverage measurements, field strength mapping, mobile surveillance and other similar investigative operations.

The PFSL-G3 system employs an integrated GPS receiver to display and store geographical co-ordinates of the measured signal. The logged data include time, date, latitude, longitude and altitude.