Antenna Pneumatic Mast (WR-AXPM-71)


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The WR-AXPM-71 Antenna pneumatic mast is a highly durable 5-section arrangement that boasts ease of use and speedy deployment. Thanks to the included accessories packed in a convenient Pelican case, the mast can be erected quickly and effortlessly. Simply connect a compressor with control valve and the pneumatic mast using the air hoses provided, and power the compressor with the battery from the Pelican case. In under a minute, the pneumatic mast will raise to a height of 7 meters. Retraction is just as swift, taking only a few seconds. To lower the mast, simply release the air pressure by switching the control valve, and each section can be retracted by gravity after disengaging the fuses that hold each section at its maximum height.


  • Light weight (36 kg) but heavy-duty pneumatic telescopic mast
  • 7 m max. extended height, 2 m retracted height
  • Inflated by included 12 V compressor in one minute
  • Self-locking mechanism of each section in extended position
  • Capable to resist wind up to 60 km/h with 40 kg load
  • Delivered with car mounting accessories
  • Built in bubble spirit level