Mini PCI Express SyncClock – Mini PCI Express Timecode and GPS Reader Generator

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The Mini PCIe SyncClock32 from Brandywine Communications provides precision time with zero latency to the host computer using one Mini-PCIe slot. An on-board microprocessor  automatically synchronizes the clock to reference signal inputs. The reference signal inputs can be 1 PPS, IRIG or NASA time codes and optionally, HaveQuick. The clock can free run and be set by user commands.


Single-slot 32 bit PCI Express module
• IRIG A, B, NASA 36, 1 PPS sync inputs
• HaveQuick sync input option
• Propagation delay correction
• Zero latency time reads
• Match Time status / interrupt
• IRIG-B time code output (option)
• External Event time tag
• User programmable heartbeat rate interrupt