Magnetic Antenna Base (AX-91M)



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The WiNRADiO AX-91M is a high quality magnetic antenna base designed to securely mount a wide variety of antennas for mobile outdoor and stationary indoor applications. The base is equipped with a BNC socket and is ready to accept most types of antennas ranging from short tuned stub antennas to long telescopic and loop antennas both for receiving and transmitting.

The AX-91M antenna base is ideally suited for wide band surveillance and monitoring work in a mobile environment where rapid deployment and reliability are essential. Although designed to suit the WiNRADiO range of antennas and receivers, the AX-91M base can also be used with other manufacturers’ equipment.

The AX-91M antenna base is constructed from high-grade steel and weatherproof rubber, and will ensure trouble-free operation for many years.