Long Wire HF Antenna (AX-05E)



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The AX-05E Long Wire HF Antenna is a low-cost kit containing all the necessary components for a simple but effective fast-deployment shortwave antenna suitable for a wide range of short wave, medium wave and long wave listening applications. This antenna kit consists of approx 25 meters (approx 80 ft) of insulated copper wire, 10 meters (approx 30 ft) of weather-proof rope and two “egg” shaped insulators.

The AX-05E Long Wire HF Antenna is an excellent match for WiNRADiO WR-G303i, WR-G303e, WR-G313i and WR-G313e shortwave receivers.

Technical Specifications
•Frequency Range: 0.1 to 30 MHz (approx.)
•Impedance: 450 ohm typ.
•Length: Approx. 20 m (approx. 65 ft) when assembled

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous product development and improvement.