1U Next Generation Master Clock System – (M212)

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Brandywine’s M212 Master Clock System represents the next generation of modular timing systems.  Built as a commercial derivative of the highly successful ruggedized Modular Master Clock, the M212 provides assured timing capabilities using Brandywine’s Timewall™ technology.

At the center of the M212 system is Brandywine’s powerful Master Clock Module (MCM).  The MCM may be synchronized by a variety of reference sources and uses the selected reference to steer an embedded oscillator to provide stable and accurate time and frequency for the M212.  Multiple references can be prioritized with automatic failover.  Uniquely, the MCM’s Timewall™ algorithms validate the GPS reference based upon the inherent stability of the MCM oscillator, providing hardening against possible GPS spoofing.

  • Modular design with multiple reference paths built in for high-availability.
  • 6 expansion slots for customization and expansion.
  • Industry-first GPS integrity checking with Timewall™
  • Unique optical crosslink architecture for either Master-Slave hierarchical setups or Master-Master crosschecking and failover
  • LCD display and keypad for basic status and configuration – secure web browser for detailed setup.