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The new Ion Accelerator 5.0 software from One Stop Systems provides a complete all-flash storage solution that delivers cost-effective, near-native NVMe performance for data-intensive workloads. Typical enterprise storage software adds significant overhead, which can have a negative impact on overall application performance. Ion Accelerator is designed to deliver consistent ultra-low latency and high bandwidth for the most performance-hungry applications in Database, Financial Services, Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment and others. With bandwidth from a single storage box of 25GB/sec and latency well below 100 µs, Ion software is the solution for delivering the promise of NVMe flash performance in shared storage. Performance at this level enables customers to reduce both hardware infrastructure and software licensing costs. Ion Accelerator has built-in data integrity in the software, with support for various RAID configurations as well as a High Availability option that simultaneously accelerates performance for volumes across two systems. The Follow Me data portability feature in the Ion Accelerator software enables RAID volumes to be hot-swapped directly from one system to another.


  • Fully tested and validated SAN (Ion 5.2) and NAS (Ion 5.3) solutions from One Stop Systems with several capacity and connectivity options
  • Connect with up to 200 Gb Ethernet, 200 Gb InfiniBand or 32 Gb Fibre Channel
  • Balanced network, drive and replication bandwidth to reduce data bottlenecks
  • Support for 2.5” NVMe or PCIe NVMe Flash Drives and Add-in Cards
  • Hot swap NVMe support with Follow-Me volumes for quick data transfer
  • Zero downtime, zero migration cost upgrade from Ion Classic 2.5.x with ioMemory to Ion 5.x with NVMe
  • Over 25 GB/sec bandwidth
  • Over 5M IOPS (4KB)
  • Sub 100 µs latency
  • Tunable block size
  • Multi-lane PCI Express for scalable performance
  • Active-Active High Availability mode with automatic mirrored replication
  • 24/7 phone support available