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Model 7194 High-Speed Clock Generator provides fixed-frequency sample clocks to Cobalt and Onyx modules in multiboard systems. It enables synchronous sampling, playback and timing for a wide range of multichannel high-speed data acquisition and software radio applications.

The Model 7194 uses a high-precision, fixed-frequency, PLO (Phase-Locked Oscillator) to generate an output sample clock. The PLO accepts a 10 MHz reference clock through a front panel SMA connector. The
PLO locks the output sample clock to the incoming reference. A power splitter then receives the sample clock and distributes it to four front panel SMA connectors.

The 7194 is available with sample clock frequencies from 1.4 to 2.0 GHz.
On-board Reference Clock In addition to accepting a reference clock
on the front panel, the 7194 includes an on-board 10 MHz reference clock. The reference is an OCXO (Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator), which provides an exceptionally precise frequency standard with excellent phase noise characteristics.

• Provides sample clock for up to four separate XMC Cobalt or Onyx boards
• Locks to user-supplied 10 MHz reference clock or on-board reference.
• OCXO provides an exceptionally precise clock