Antenna Distribution Unit Single Input for VHF Marine and Sonobuoy Telemetry Applications (WA-0108/B)


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The WiNRADiO WA-0108/B antenna distribution unit combines a low-noise amplifier and power splitter device in an optimum combination, particularly suited for VHF marine and sonobuoy telemetry applications where a single antenna needs to be connected to up to 8 receivers. While this model is particularly suited for WiNRADiO multichannel receiver systems such as the MS-8118/WSB Multichannel Sonobuoy Telemetry System, it can be also used with any third-party receivers and antennas.

• VHF frequency range from 137 to 180 MHz
• Inbuilt low-noise preamplifier
• One antenna input, 8 receiver outputs
• High IP3 amplifier
• High isolation between ports
• Rack mount 1RU 19″ enclosure
• Custom configurations available

Internally, the product consists of a low-noise preamplifier with a high third-order intercept point, followed by a high-isolation power splitter.

The WA-0108/B antenna distribution units are eminently suitable for broadcasting, industrial, government, military and other demanding high-end applications.