Wide-Band Phase Coherent Tuner Front-End with Reference Oscillator/Distributor Module (WR-G527e/RM)


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The WiNRADiO WR-G527e is a versatile receiver platform of USB-interfaced modular building blocks suitable for high-performance signal intercept, acquisition and monitoring applications, precision direction finding and beam-forming.

The WiNRADiO WR-G527e is designed to be a compact, low-cost front-end of choice for Software-Defined Radio applications wherever an instantaneous IF bandwidth greater than 20 MHz is required. The robust, low-power tuner can be deployed in fixed, land mobile, or airborne installations, and is able to support single-channel as well as multi-channel phase-coherent applications with excellent phase and impedance matching between channels.

• Input frequency range 0.01-3000 MHz
• Output frequency 70 MHz
• IF bandwidth 22 MHz
• Very low phase noise
• Low phase and amplitude distortion
• High frequency stability 0.01 ppm
• High dynamic range
• Very fast tuning speed
• Single or multichannel operation USB interface

The WR-G527e/RMF is an ultra-fast DDS-based reference oscillator and distributor module suited for phase-coherent multichannel systems, capable of driving up to eight WR-G527e/TM tuner modules. The reference oscillator features a very high frequency accuracy and stability of 0.01 ppm, thanks to a built-in OCXO. Higher frequency stability is possible using an optional external frequency reference input.

The module’s superior phase noise performance and fast tuning speed allows it to be used in high-performance search receivers and other demanding single-channel or phase-coherent multi-channel applications.