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The WiNRADiO WSS-420 Weather Satellite System is a complete and fully integrated hardware/software system for capturing and processing data streams from polar orbiting satellites in real time.

The system supports HRPT data streams with 5 multi-spectral channels from NOAA satellites and CHRPT data with 10 channels from the Feng Yun-1D satellite. Data is available immediately after a satellite pass and it can be exported to NOAA Level 1B (HRPT) file format.

The system hardware consists of high-quality components: The dual-axis rotator is a robust unit designed with steel gears for heavy-duty work and extended life, while offering considerable turning and breaking torque. The rotator is driven by a digital control unit, which interfaces with the application software via the computer USB port. The control unit can position the rotator to the desired target position with an accuracy of ±0.5°.


• Fully-integrated hardware/software solution
• Compact stand-alone system
• Robust rotator and tripod
• Easy installation, calibration and configuration
• Automatic satellite dish positioning
• Automatic real time orbital satellite tracking
• Automatic reception scheduling
• Full support for multi-spectral AVHRR data
• Full support for NOAA (HRPT) and Feng Yun-1D (CHRPT)
• Advanced image processing software
• Automatic updating of satellite prediction data from internet
• Automatic application clock synchronization from internet
• AVHRR data export in NOAA Level 1B (HRPT) file format