Vector Signal Generator and Analyzer (IQ6400)

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An RF Vector Signal Transceiver is an instrument that can transmit and receive RF signals. They are used in a variety of applications, including wireless communication, radar, and test and measurement.


75MHz-6GHz Vector Signal Transceiver (VST) based on Radio Unit SoC Technologies
▪ Turnkey solution for IQSTAR measurement software
▪ Dedicated firmware to run the VST like a benchtop instrument grade solution
▪ Measurement of RF Power Amplifier in base station-like conditions
• LTE/5G PA Tests with signal generation and analysis bandwidth up to 400MHz
• 1-tone measurements: CW and pulsed CW characterization with configurable rise/fall time
• 2-tone measurements for video bandwidth analysis
• IQ signal generation and analysis with Digital Predistortion capabilities – Acquisition averaging up to 8192 in IQ modulation mode for high dynamic range characterization
▪ Trigger and 10MHz IN/OUT available to connect power meters, multimeter or spectrum analyzer
▪ High data transfer rate (Gigabit LAN interface)