Satcom Timing and Reference

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The ViaLite Timing and Reference fiber optic link is designed to be used when a central timing or modem-produced reference signal of 1 to 50MHz (typically 10MHz) is to be distributed to remote locations in satcom antenna installations.  The use of single mode optical fiber overcomes problems with signal losses in coaxial cable and provides lightning protection.


  • 1kHz – 50MHz signal transmission (typically 10MHz)
  • Higher P1dB to accomodated the power level of most reference signals (typically 10dBm)
  • Transmission distances of 1m to 50km
  • Can be optically split at the remote end, reducing the number of cross-site paths needed
  • Linear performance with low noise
  • No signal interference
  • 5-year warranty as standard

The link can also be integrated into an L-Band HTS and Reference rack mount card for simple customer installation.